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Lenny Krayzelburg

photo gallery

This section is a collection of all the Lenny pics I could find! And believe me, I've done a lot of searching! So, since I've done all the hardwork, you just have to kick back (into a backstroke perhaps? excuse the pun) and enjoy the view.

I've tried not to put the same photo in more than one section. So for example, if you want pics from the Summer Nationals 99, then not only look in 'Nationals 99' but also 'USA Swimming' & 'nbc' etc..

These images are compiled into the meets or sites in which they come from in chronological order:


If you have any more, please send me the address. Thanks. It's quite possible that I've wrongly credited the source of these images. If I have, just get in contact with me, and i'll look into it!


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