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24 January 2006 has a new Speedo ad up featuring Lenny.
features a trailer for 'Unfiltered', a documentary about Michael Phepls and Ian Crocker. Lenny is interviewed as a guest, and he is shown for a brief moment in the trailer.

3 July 2005

Lenny and his new wife are expecting twins according to the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles. Lenny has also donated US$115,000 to reopen the Westside Jewsish Community Centre.


18 March 2005

Swim with the Stars CAMP dates

  • June 12-16: Emory University, Atlanta, GA
  • June 19-23: University of Denver, CO
  • June 26-30: San Jose State, CA

The Jewish Community Center summer CAMP with Lenny Krayzelburg:

Support the Lenny Krayzelburg Foundation


24 September 2004

Even more photos in the 'misc' section from the Disney Tour and various pics i've found recently :) Also added some encounters from people who were lucky enough to meet Lenny.


6 September 2004

Lenny kisses the hand of Minni Mouse at Disney World, Florida. (AP Photo/Walt Disney World, Preston Mack)    

New photos in 'misc' section.

Lenny, with Michael Phelps & Ian Crocker are doing a tour named "Disney's Swim with the Stars." They were at Disney World on Aug 31, launching a national tour featuring community outreach programs in each of the cities they are visiting. After Orlando, the tour will travel with scheduled stops in Atlanta, New York, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Seattle and San Francisco. The final stop will be Oct. 4-5 at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif.


22 August 2004

  Lenny Krayzelburg, of the United States, launches into the backstroke in a qualifying heat of the 4 x 100-meter medley relay at the Olympic Aquatic Centre during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Friday, Aug. 20, 2004. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

Lenny wins a gold medal!

With plans to retire by the end of the year, Lenny has ended his Olympic career with a gold medal.

His participation in the 4x100m medley relay heats on Friday as lead swimmer for Team USA meant that he would receive any medals that the finalists would earn. With the 2nd fastest reaction time off the blocks behind Japanese 100m bronze medalist Tomomi Morita (the guy who edged Lenny out of standing on the dais), Lenny was in front the whole of his swim handing breaststroker Mark Gangloff the lead. Followed by Michael Phelps and Neil Walker, USA qualified 1st fastest for the finals, and favourites following Australia's failure to qualify (9th). "All of us had pretty good splits," Krayzelburg said.

Results of the Heat 2 4x100m medlay relay:

USA 3:35.10
  Name Reaction Time 50m split 100m split Time
  KRAYZELBURG Lenny 0.63 26.26 54.27 (1) 54.27
  GANGLOFF Mark 0.19 27.77 1:00.27 (2) 1:54.54
  PHELPS Michael 0.28 24.95 52.43 (1) 2:46.97
  WALKER Neil 0.38 22.63 48.13 (1) 3:35.10
Germany 3:36.65
Great Britain 3:36.94
  Michael Phelps and Lenny Krayzelburg of the United States congratulate Ian Crocker and Jason Lezak of the United States relay team that won the gold medal and set a new world record of 3:30.68 in the men`s swimming 4 x 100 metre medley relay competition at the Main Pool of the Olympic Sports Complex Aquatic Centre in Athens on 21/08/2004 © GETTY IMAGES/ Shaun Botterill

As expected, Lenny was replaced by 100m & 200m backstroke gold mealist, Aaron Peirsol for the finals. In Peirsol's swim, he also broke Lenny's 100m backstroke world record. Lenny's set the 53.66 mark in 1999 at the Pan Pacific Championships in Sydeny. The new WR now stands at 53.45. Consequently, TEAM USA consisting of Aaron Piersol, Brendan Hansen, Ian Crocker and Jason Lezak won the race in World Record time.

Interestingly, Lenny's time of 54.27 in the 4x100m medley heats would have earnt him a silver medal for the final of the 100m backstroke, as actual silver medalist Markus Rogan went 54.35.

After winning 3 gold medals in Sydney 2000, Lenny co-copatain of th USA Swim team (with Tom Malchow, Lindsay Benko and Jenny Thompson) is now the owner of 4 Olympic gold medals. Congratulations Lenny!

Article from USC Trojans

Krayzelburg, Jensen Capture Medals On Final Day of 2004 Olympic Swimming

Aug. 21, 2004

Trojan swimmers Lenny Krayzelburg and Larsen Jensen won medals on Saturday (Aug. 21) on the final day of the swimming competition at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Krayzelburg took home a gold medal as a member of United States' 400-meter medley relay team by virtue of swimming the backstroke leg in yesterday's prelims. Today, the U.S. team of Aaron Piersol, Brendan Hansen, Ian Crocker and Jason Lezak won the final in a world record time of 3:30.68. It was Krayzelburg's first medal in Athens after winning 3 golds in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Jensen captured a silver medal in the 1500-meter freestyle in an American record time of 14:45.29. He finished behind winner Grant Hackett of Australia (Olympic record 14:43.40).

With these medals, a total of 13 medals have been won by a current, former or future Trojan in the 2004 Games. Athletes who attended USC before, during or after their Olympic appearance now have collected 109 golds, 63 silvers and 58 bronzes.


18 August 2004

Lenny on his 100m backstroke finals performance:

"It was definitely disappointing," said Krayzelburg, who battled back from surgery on both shoulders to make the Olympic team. "I thought I could do better. I've been feeling so good. The times weren't really fast, for whatever reason. A 54.06 won it. I definitely thought I could have been there. Sometimes, you have good days. Sometimes, you have bad days. Today was a bad day."


17 August 2004

  Aaron Peirsol, of the United States, left, celebrates with Lenny Krayzelburg after Peirsol won the gold medal in the 100-meter backstroke at the Olympic Aquatic Centre during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Monday, Aug. 16, 2004. (AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus)

Night 3 was an evening of anxiety and dissapointment for Lenny and his fans in the 100m backstroke finals. Whilst Lenny qualified 4th fastest in a time of 54.63 in his semi final, he was unable to secure a medal in the finals missing out by only two one hundredths of a second.

Lenny's medal hopes now lie in a heat swim in 4x100m medley relay. If Lenny swims in the heats (and presumably Aaron will swim the finals), and if USA secures a medal, Lenny will also receive a medal for his contribution in the heats- so good luck!

Results for 100m backstroke final:

1. Aaron Perisol, USA 54.06 GOLD
2. Markus Rogan, Austria 54.35 SILVER
3. Tomomi Morita, Japan 54.36 BRONZE
4. Lenny Krayzleburg, USA 54.38
5 .Matt Welsh, Australia 54.52
6. Laszlo Cseh, Hungary 54.61
7. Steffan Driesen, Germany 54.63
8. Marco Di Carlo, Germany 55.27

Results for 100m backstroke semi-finals (Night 2):

1. Aaron Peirsol, USA 54.34
2. Markus Rogan, Austria 54.42
3. Tomomi Morita, Japan 54.62
4. Lenny Krayzelburg, USA 54.63
5. Steffen Driesen, Germany 54.64
6. Matt Welsh, Australia 54.69
7. Laszlo Cseh, Hungary 54.86
8. Marco Di Carli, Germany 55.03


15 August 2004

Lenny qualifies for the 100m backstroke semi-finals equal 4th fastest in a time of 54.88. Semi-finals held on night 2. Good luck. Finals will be held on night 3.


1. Tomomi Morita, Japan 54.41
2. Aaron Perisol, USA 54.65
3. Laszlo Cseh, Hungary 54.88
4. Lenny Krayzelburg 54.88
4. Markus Rogan, Austria 54.88

See new Olympic photo gallery.


5 August 2004

Olympic News: Lenny will swim heats of 100m Backstroke on Day 2, Sunday 15 August at 11:30 a.m. (local Athens time) Semifinals are 8.00pm of the same day, and the Finals will be held on Night 3, Monday 16 August at 7:34 p.m. Good Luck!


18 July 2004

I have added some great new photos from the Olympic trials as well as some articles which are definitely worth a read! (Look out for the 'fiance' mention)

Also, a new Lenny Krayzelburg wallpaper:


13 July 2004

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Lenny for successfully qualifying for the U.S. Olympic team. The trials were held in Long Beach, California where he came 2nd behind new world record holder Aaron Peirsol in the 100m backstroke in a time of 54.06

The Olympics will be held in Athens in August. Good luck!


15 June 2004

Results from Janet Evans Invitational/Charlotte UltraSwim held at Long Beach California 10-13 June 2004:

Lenny was the 3rd fastest qualifier
Men 100 LC Meter Backstroke


    Name                     Age Team                 Prelims     Finals        



  1 Krayzelburg, Lenny        28 NOVA-CA                56.30      55.28 OLYT   

                  26.72       55.28 (28.56)                                        

  2 Bal, Randall M            23 STAN-PC/STAN           56.47      55.61 OLYT   

                  26.82       55.61 (28.79)                                        

  3 Grevers, Matthew C        19 Northwestern-IL        56.02      56.24 OLYT   

                  27.38       56.24 (28.86)                                        

  4 Westcott, Dan M           23 TWST-GU                56.11      56.46 OLYT   

                  27.35       56.46 (29.11)                                        

  5 Sun, Hongzhe M            18 UNAT-HI                56.45      56.62 OLYT   

                  27.69       56.62 (28.93)                                        

  6 Wike, James W             20 NTSC-IL                56.68      56.72 OLYT   

                  27.64       56.72 (29.08)                                        

  7 Rouse, Jeff N             34 STAN-PC/Stanford       57.06      56.80 OLYT   

                  27.53       56.80 (29.27)                                        

  8 Barlow, Chad R            21 AUB-SE                 56.92      57.71 OLYT   

News article on this meet has been added: 3 U.S. Swimmers Win at Janet Evans Event


13 June 2004

USA Swimming interviews Lenny. Here is the link to the interview or read it here.

Lenny competed in the 2004 Grand Prix Series: Los Angeles 30 April-2 May 2004.
Men 100 LC Meter Backstroke

Name Age Team Prelims Finals
1 Marshall, Peter J 22 UNAT-PC 54.91 55.33 OLYT
27.04 55.33 (28.29)
2 Krayzelburg, Lenny 28 NOVA-CA 56.17 55.70 OLYT
26.97 55.70 (28.73)
3 Rouse, Jeff N 34 UNAT-PC 56.23 55.76 OLYT
26.99 55.76 (28.77)
4 Rogan, Markus A AUT 56.39 56.29 OLYT


19 April 2004

Results from 2004 Counsilman Classic - 2-4 April 2004

Men 100 LC Meter Backstroke


    Name                  Age Team              Prelims     Finals        


                        === A - Final ===                         


  1 Krayzelburg, Lenny     28 NOVA-CA             56.50      55.10  

  2 Grevers, Matt C        19 NU-IL               55.32      55.20  

  3 Bal, Randall M         23 UN-ST-PC            56.43      55.97  

  4 Hussein, Ahmed         20 Asu-AZ              56.09      56.17  

  5 Rouse, Jeff N          34 UN-PC-PC            56.29      56.34  

  6 Westcott, James D      23 TWST-GU             57.11      56.79  

 -- Smolinski, Todd F      23 MINN-MN             56.64         DQ  

 -- Wike, James W          20 NTSC-IL             57.09         DQ  


New articles on how Lenny went at this event and progress toward Athen 2004.


10 March 2004

Lenny appeared on the NBC Today Show yesterday morning, with Michael Phelps, Amanda Beard & Jenny Thompson promoting the new release of the Speedo Fastskin.


09 March 2005

New photos from Speedo Fastskin Ad Campaign:

speedo speedo speedo speedo speedo



02 January 2004

Lenny swims at the Fina World Cup in New York. Lenny came 2nd in the 100m backstroke behind Randall Bal. Check out the articles section for more info on how Lenny went.

Also, some extra pics added that have been sitting around on my pc for a while.


08 December 2003

After with drawing from the 200m backstroke (prelim time: 2:05.57), Lenny Krayzelburg shows his advancing recovery from surgery, winning the US Open's 100m backstroke. Qualifying 1st with a time of 56.42, Lenny won the finals touching the wall at 55.35 ahead of Jeff Rouse (33) 56.16.

From USA Swimming

Krayzelburg, McLarty take gold on Day 2 of U.S. Open

Foreign swimmers take six of eight events
FEDERAL WAY, Wash. – No power outages Friday night at the King Aquatic Center.

Instead, all the excitement on Day 2 of the U.S. Open took place in the pool. A tough international field was on hand to compete in Friday’s finals, along with some of USA Swimming’s top stars.

And while foreign swimmers won six of the eight events, neither group would disappoint the fans who turned out to watch them swim, turning in some solid swims for this stage of the season.

Triple Olympic gold medalist Lenny Krayzelburg of Irvine Novaquatics recorded the first American win of the night, taking the men’s100m back in 55.35. The victory came as especially good news for Krayzelburg, who’s still recovering from surgery on a labrum tear five months ago.

In fact, he pulled out of Thursday’s finals in the 200m back due to shoulder pain.

“I have some good days and some bad days,” Krayzelburg said. “It’s still in somewhat of a rehabilitation state for me. I did pretty good, I thought, for now, because I didn’t know what to expect. This was my first race since my surgery five months ago, so I thought I did pretty well.

“Basically the goal was to set a standard at this meet and get better and better with each meet. You go out there and set a benchmark, see where you are and go from there.”

The second American win of the evening went to Sara McLarty of the University of Florida, who nipped 14-year-old Katie Hoff of North Baltimore down the stretch with a time of 4:45.38 in the 400m individual medley. Hoff, who was first in the 200m IM Thursday, finished less than a half second behind in 4:45.82.

It was a personal best time for both swimmers....



06 July 2003

Lenny will not swim at the World Championships to be held in Barcelona this month (July 12-27)

The following is a statement by Lenny regarding his decision (originally located at USA Swimming site)

"Given the recommended rehabilitation program following my successful shoulder surgery on June 4th, I have decided to forego World Championships this summer in Barcelona. While I am very pleased with my progress and performance over the past year, my doctor, coaches, and I concluded that undergoing surgery now, rather than waiting until after Worlds, would enable me to prepare for the 2004 Olympics in top physical condition. I am disappointed to miss Worlds, but given the success of my recent surgery, I am confident that I will return to top form and achieve my number-one goal of representing my country at the Athens Olympics and bringing home Gold."


07 April 2003

Mutual of Omaha Duel in the Pool, Indianapolis, Ind. Australia vs. USA, 06 April 2003

Men's 100m Backstroke, Final
1 WELSH, Matt 26 Australia 53.89
2 KRAYZELBURG, Lenny 27 U.S.A. 54.00

Men's 200m Backstroke, Final
1 PIERSOL, Aaron 19 U.S.A. 1:57.13
2 KRAYZELBURG, Lenny 27 U.S.A. 1:58.46
3 WELSH, Matt 26 Australia 1:58.96

Also, check out photos.


30 January 2003

FINA World Cup in Berlin, 25-26 January 2003

Men's 100m Backstroke, Final
1. RUPPRATH Thomas 1977 GER 50.76
2. KRAYZELBURG Lenny 1975 USA 52.20

Men's 200m Backstroke, Final
1. ALECHINE Evgueni 1979 RUS 1:52.80
2. KRAYZELBURG Lenny 1975 USA 1:54.05

9 December 2002

Lenny swims the 2002 US Open Swimming Championships.

100m Backstroke (LC): Placed 1st ahead of Neil Walker in a time of 55.09.

200m Backstroke (LC): Lenny placed 2nd behind Keith Beavers with a time of 2:00.47.

100m Freestyle (LC): Qualfied for Final B in a time of 52.76, but was DQ'd in the Final.


26 August 2002

Lenny swims the 2002 Summer Nationals in Fort Lauderdal 8/12/2002 to 8/17/20. Although he qualified for the Pan Pac team, he chose not to swim.

Articles of Interest Piersol edges Krayzelburg


100m Backstroke A - Final
Name Age Team Prelims Finals
1 Peirsol, Aaron W 19 Novaquatics-CA 55.08 54.01T 26.29 54.01 (27.72)
2 Krayzelburg, Lenny 26 Trojan Swim Club 54.68 54.48T 26.24 54.48 (28.24)
3 Bal, Randall M 21 Stanford Swimmng 55.49 54.88T 26.28 54.88 (28.60)
4 Marshall, Peter J 20 Stanford Swimmng 56.08 55.23T 26.70 55.23 (28.53)
5 Walker, Neil S 26 Circle C Swimmin 56.04 55.41T 26.50 55.41 (28.91)
6 Hunt, Raymond B 20 Auburn Aquatics- 56.19 55.57T 27.39 55.57 (28.18)
7 Cramer, Jayme O 19 Anderson B-Cudas 56.02 55.60T 27.11 55.60 (28.49)
8 Westcott, James D 21 The Woodlands-GU 55.89 55.66T 27.05 55.66 (28.61)

200m Backstroke
1 Peirsol, Aaron W 19 Novaquatics-CA 1:58.92 1:56.21T 27.48 56.62 (29.14) 1:26.26 (29.64) 1:56.21 (29.95)
2 Krayzelburg, Lenny 26 Trojan Swim Club 2:00.47 1:58.67T 28.12 57.53 (29.41) 1:27.40 (29.87) 1:58.67 (31.27)

3 Hunt, Raymond B 20 Auburn Aquatics- 2:00.88 2:00.90T 28.70 58.90 (30.20) 1:29.70 (30.80) 2:00.90 (31.20)
4 Dolan, Tom F 26 Curl-Burke SC-PV 2:00.88 2:00.99T 28.64 59.09 (30.45) 1:30.41 (31.32) 2:00.99 (30.58)
5 Faltraco, Joey M 21 Y-Spartaquatics- 2:02.70 2:01.00T 28.28 58.77 (30.49) 1:29.92 (31.15) 2:01.00 (31.08)
6 Wagner, Luke E 20 Nova OF Virginia 2:01.35 2:01.10T 28.55 59.03 (30.48) 1:29.99 (30.96) 2:01.10 (31.11)
7 Dejong, Christian H 18 West Michigan-MI 2:00.89 2:01.12T 28.50 59.14 (30.64) 1:30.34 (31.20) 2:01.12 (30.78)
8 Staley, Trent M 20 Trojan Swim Club 2:02.09 2:01.18T 28.79 59.56 (30.77) 1:30.49 (30.93) 2:01.18 (30.69)

Medley Relay
1 Circle C Swimmin-ST 'A'
2 Auburn Aquatics-SE 'A'
3 Novaquatics-CA 'A'
4 Trojan Swim Club-CA 'A' 3:44.94 3:43.64N 1) Krayzelburg, Lenny 26 2) Vendt, Erik K 21 3) Abercrombie, John D 20 4) Lee, Jeffrey A 21 26.63 54.52 (54.52) 1:24.42 (29.90) 1:58.75 (1:04.23) 2:23.54 (24.79) 2:53.13 (54.38) 3:16.96 (23.83) 3:43.64 (50.51)
5 Circle C Swimmin-ST 'B'
6 North Baltimore-MD 'A'
7 Stanford Swimmng-PC 'A'
8 Tennessee Aq.-SE 'A'

Results from Mare Nostrum:

Monaco 1/6/2002-2/6/2002:

100m Backstroke FINAL A
1 Krayzelburg, Lenny USA 55.75
2 Kozulk, Gordan CROATIA 56.39
3 Kizierowski, Bartosz POLAND 56.66
4 Sanchez, Jorge SPAIN 57.08
5 Morita, Tomomo JAPAN 57.27
6 Nakano, Takashi JAPAN 57.60
7 Rolff, Ethan AUSTRALIA 57.61
8 Tait, Gregory SCOTLAND 57.67

200m Backstroke FINAL B
1 Krayzelburg, Lenny USA 2:03,10

50m Backstroke FINAL
1 Krayzelburg, Lenny USA 26.05
2 Maskovic, Ante CROATIA 26.48

Rome 4/6/2002- 5/6/2002:

100m Backstroke FINAL
1 Krayzelburg, Lenny USA 55.67
2 Walker, Neil USA 56.39
3 Hannan, Tommy USA 57.50

22 March 2002

Lenny's world record in the long course 200m backstroke has been broken by fellow American Aaron Peirsol. The new mark was set at the Nationals in Minneapolis. The previous time was 1:55.87 set on 27 August 1999 at the Pan Pacs in Sydney, Australia. The new world record is now 1:55.15 set last Tuesday (19/03). Lenny did not compete at this meet. Congratulations to Aaron on a fantastic swim!

Articles of interest: Peirsol Breaks World Record

12 Februrary 2002

Lenny competed at the Fina World Cup in Berlin (26-27 Jan 2002). “After a long break and shoulder injury it was a good comeback for me here”. said Lenny in an interview. Below are the results from the meet:

100m Backstroke Men PRELIMINARIES
RK Name,Firstname Nat 100m
1 RUPPRATH Thomas GER 53.15
2 HELBIG Toni GER 53.59
3 KOZULJ Gordan CRO 53.61
4 GILLIAM Michael USA 53.63
5 THELOKE Stev GER 53.73
7 MASKOVIC Ante CRO 53.98
8 DUFOUR Simon FRA 54.01
100m Backstroke Men FINALS
Rk Name,Firstname Nat 100m
1 RUPPRATH Thomas GER 51.35 |
3 THELOKE Stev GER 52.72
4 GILLIAM Michael USA 53.18
5 MASKOVIC Ante CRO 53.26
6 HELBIG Toni GER 53.28
7 KOZULJ Gordan CRO 53.41
8 DUFOUR Simon FRA 53.69
50m Backstroke Men PRELIMIARIES
RK Name,Firstname Nat 50m
1 GILLIAM Michael USA 24.58
1 MASKOVIC Ante CRO 24.58
3 HELBIG Toni GER 24.65
4 THELOKE Stev GER 24.73
6 SJODAL Petter NOR 25.28
7 THIELE Jens GER 25.34
8 ARNARSON Orn ISL 25.43
50m Backstroke Men FINALS
Rk Name,Firstname Nat 50m
1 THELOKE Stev GER 24.05
2 GILLIAM Michael USA 24.24
3 HELBIG Toni GER 24.37
4 THIELE Jens GER 24.58
5 MASKOVIC Ante CRO 24.72
7 ARNARSON Orn ISL 25.15
8 SJODAL Petter NOR 25.47
200m Backstroke Men PRELIMINARIES
RK Name,Firstname Nat 200m
1 DUFOUR Simon FRA 1:55.64
2 ARNARSON Orn ISL 1:56.26
3 SANCHEZ Jorge ESP 1:56.58
4 KOZULJ Gordan CRO 1:57.18
5 GABRILO Luka SUI 1:57.24
6 ZWERING Klaas-Erik NED 1:57.31
7 KRAYZELBURG Lenny USA 1:57.46
8 THELOKE Stev GER 1:57.76



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